Farewell, complementarianism (pt. 1)

6 thoughts on “Farewell, complementarianism (pt. 1)”

  1. Must…resist…urge…to…reference certain inside jokes from the past about this very subject. =)

    I have a hard time buying into this idea that a man holds this unequivocal, uncaring upper-hand position that many advocate. I see little evidence in the Bible of God actually working that way in His dealings with us. Why we he then demand that we behave that way within the human relationship that’s most supposed to reflect His interactions with us?


    1. Yeah…I would add that it’s never wise to take something the Bible positions as a result of sin (like the subordination of women to men) and make it normative for all good Christians today. When you’re trying to justify something that originated with the Fall, you’ve got problems.


  2. When I reached the part of this post where you outsmarted your pastor’s question, and then he came back with “Well, you COULD do that, but you don’t have to,” I *headdesk*’ed so hard I nearly knocked my brains out. 🙂


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