A letter to my daughter

16 thoughts on “A letter to my daughter”

  1. This made me cry, Ben. Beautiful. “They are wrong. Pay no attention to them.” A beautiful affirmation that many women needed to hear from their own fathers. You are doing good work here.


  2. Ben, as a now single father of a little girl not so much older than yours, and as I spend much time worrying how I will bring her up to be strong and independent and Godly, I LOOOOOVE this letter. As I read it and envisioned my own daughter’s potential and the struggles she’ll likely face against people who mean well and those that don’t, I pray for wisdom on how to bring her up to see herself as God created her to be, not as the world would have her see herself.

    And yes, like Sarah, I actually cried reading this. Someone must be cutting onions somewhere nearby…


  3. Beautiful…I ache for my daughters to believe this in their bones. I fight to believe it in my life so they will know. She is so blessed to have a father who knows it, she will do great things.


  4. In elementary school I was so put out by all of the girls who said, “I want to be a third grade (or whatever grade we were in) teacher, just like you!” Well, not me. My intention was to be the president. Thanks for showing more than just your daughter how to dream big!


  5. This is beautiful, thanks for sharing it.
    My dad tried to tell me the same thing when I was younger, but I listened to the wrong people and am just now finding out he was right all along.


  6. Discovered this post through the 29 Things the Poor Really Do post on Huffington. Love this post. I hope I gave this attitude to my daughters. Will be sharing this post and now following your blog.


  7. Ben–Your list of women writers led me to this lovely, thoughtful post. I hope your daughter finds a world much more open to ALL of her gifts as she grows.

    I’ve stolen your book list and saved it to my computer; several of those books are on my shelves, waiting…and my commitment thsi year is to read all those waiting books. Boy, I hate to do this, but may I suggest one more writer? Nora Gallagher’s exploration of her vocation in Things Seen and Unseen was a really moving and enlightening story of a woman who feels called…

    I look forward to your thoughts as you read through your list; I hope you’ll keep us updated.




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