The Story of King Jesus

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The gospel is more than a formula or a “plan of salvation.” The gospel is a story. It’s the story of how God is making the world right and good again. It’s a story we’re invited to enter.

The Story of King Jesus is the only Bible storybook that presents the whole biblical drama as a single narrative—from creation to the calling of Israel to Jesus’ victory over death and the remaking of our world.

Many Bible storybooks present the stories of scripture as isolated moral fables. The Story of King Jesus introduces kids to the larger redemptive drama. It’s made to be read in a single sitting, nurturing a child’s spiritual curiosity and inviting them to become part of God’s story.

The Story of King Jesus is designed especially for kids ages 4-8. Available now.

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“This is an amazing children’s book. Not only does it present the whole Gospel, it also presents the whole story of the Bible cover to cover in a way a child can comprehend without isolating ‘Bible stories’ into disparate morality nuggets that read more like fables. Best of all though is that my children LOVE it and have asked us to read it to them every day since it arrived.” 5-star review

“While most Bible storybooks, or even books that seek to tell the Gospel in one sitting, do go through this sequence from beginning to end, very few highlight Jesus as the central figure. In doing so, Irwin manages to get kids to grasp a concept many adults don’t quite get: that from beginning to end, the story is about Jesus.”
– Josh Olds, Life Is Story

“It is absolutely wonderful. Ben Irwin and Nick Lee have done an excellent work in presenting the full narrative of the Bible in words and pictures. I also have yet to see another children’s book present the biblical narrative with such a focus on ‘we’ and community, rather than an individualistic/western understanding of salvation or one’s relationship with God. Children will be able to find their place in the grand narrative of a story that is so much larger, gracious, and beautiful than a ‘me’ colored gospel.” 5-star review

“So many children’s books are just full of fluff. People seem to think kids can’t grasp concepts, I suppose. I love this. It talks about how we should love others and displays Jesus’ example throughout. The story is well written, it has bigger concepts than most children’s books and the illustrations are wonderful.
NetGalley 5-star review

“The perfect book for preschoolers! I loved sharing the gospel with my five year old in the clear, gentle voice in this lovingly written book. The illustration is beautiful and the story held her attention all the way through.” 5-star review

“Do you have 10 minutes? With these 10 minutes, you and your child will go on a journey. A journey of the best kind…a journey with the King.”
NetGalley 5-star review

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