People of the third way

This is Gamla. Or more precisely, what’s left of it. Carved into a steep hillside northeast of Galilee, Gamla is where the Jewish Zealot movement was born. Zealots demanded strict adherence to the law and total separation from anyone who didn’t believe exactly as they did. To be a Zealot was to be perpetually angry. Angry at the … Continue reading People of the third way

Evangelical recovery?

Several prominent evangelicals released a statement today called The Evangelical Manifesto. Definitely worth reading. The statement and its signers seek to define evangelicalism in a way that, to many, may sound a lot like someone trying to put new spin on an old idea. But what this manifesto proposes is nothing more (or less) than … Continue reading Evangelical recovery?

Fast food continent

Recently, I saw this ad—one of several from the Acton Institute, a conservative think tank that advocates, among other things, the use of free market economics to help fight poverty. I respect the Acton Institute. I think they have several good ideas about fighting poverty. Some of their other ads advocate things like microloans for … Continue reading Fast food continent

Stamp Out Hunger

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. 1 in 10 Americans are at risk of hunger, while about 1 in 100 actually go hungry. This may be small compared to places like Sub-Saharan Africa, where 1 in 3 go hungry. But we’re a country that throws away nearly 100 billion pounds of food … Continue reading Stamp Out Hunger

will work for food

Seattle has a fairly large homeless population, so it’s not uncommon to see someone standing on a street corner, cardboard sign in hand, asking for money. This weekend, I saw two signs that, if nothing else, deserve points for honesty and creativity, respectively. The first read: “Why lie? Need money to buy beer.” The second … Continue reading will work for food