People of the third way

This is Gamla. Or more precisely, what’s left of it. Carved into a steep hillside northeast of Galilee, Gamla is where the Jewish Zealot movement was born. Zealots demanded strict adherence to the law and total separation from anyone who didn’t believe exactly as they did. To be a Zealot was to be perpetually angry. Angry at the … Continue reading People of the third way

Herod and his mountain

Yesterday archaeologists announced the discovery of what they believe is Herod’s tomb in his fortress-palace outside Jerusalem, known as the Herodion. Herod the Great ruled Judea (on behalf of Rome) at the time of Jesus’ birth. To build his palace, Herod performed one of the most amazing architectural feats of his day. He sawed the … Continue reading Herod and his mountain

thinking jewish

It’s tempting to think of Christianity as a “Western” religion, invented by Jesus when he walked the earth… possessing its own set of totally unique ideas, practices, beliefs… …when in reality, Jesus didn’t set out to “invent” as much as we think he did. Sometimes we forget that Jesus was not only Jewish, not only … Continue reading thinking jewish