The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the myth of “moral symmetry”

This is part 1 of a series on rethinking the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a Christian, inspired by the most recent assault on Gaza. Part 2 can be read here.   Here’s a little perspective on the conflict in Gaza… Update (03/21/13): An earlier version of this infographic ended with an iconic photo of BBC journalist … Continue reading The Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the myth of “moral symmetry”

Rejecting Junia

Over the past several years, my faith journey has taken me away from nondenominational, non-institutional expressions of the church. Since then, I’ve found myself belonging to the mother of all Christian institutions (well, apart from the Catholic Church): the Anglican Communion. This journey might not have taken place if it weren’t for a wonderful little … Continue reading Rejecting Junia

Rejecting political idolatry (article in Faith & Leadership)

Here’s an article I wrote about Election Day Communion for Duke University’s online magazine Faith and Leadership… Every election year, we’re reminded that political idolatry — the temptation to put our hope in a particular party, platform or candidate — is all too alive and well. First-century followers of Christ encountered political idolatry in their day … Continue reading Rejecting political idolatry (article in Faith & Leadership)

Election Day Communion

One more reason to love the Anabaptist tradition (and there are many): a group of Mennonite pastors are organizing a campaign for Christians from all political and denominational backgrounds to come together on Election Day, November 6, to celebrate communion. The aim is to remind ourselves “that real power in this world — the power to … Continue reading Election Day Communion