everything changes

Some friends have been writing lately about relationships and the way they change with time. Here and here. Sometimes it’s slow and gradual. Friends who used to be quite close drift apart. (Or the opposite happens.) Sometimes it’s sudden and painful. A falling out. Someone dies. Or moves to the farthest ends of the earth… … Continue reading everything changes

poaching souls

I heard a guy from Lifewater International use this phrase, and I liked it. (Lifewater is a group that brings clean water and sanitation to those who don’t have them.) Anyway, he was talking about the need for holistic ministry when he said, “We’re not just poaching souls.” His point was that we have to … Continue reading poaching souls

thinking jewish

It’s tempting to think of Christianity as a “Western” religion, invented by Jesus when he walked the earth… possessing its own set of totally unique ideas, practices, beliefs… …when in reality, Jesus didn’t set out to “invent” as much as we think he did. Sometimes we forget that Jesus was not only Jewish, not only … Continue reading thinking jewish