About me


I’m a dad, a writer, and communications director for Preemptive Love Coalition.

A few years back, I wrote a children’s book called The Story of King Jesus presenting the whole gospel—the story of God making the world right and good again—in one sitting for kids ages 4 to 8. I wrote it because I want to nurture a vibrant, life-giving faith in my kids.


I’m no longer sure what labels I wear, fascinated by Jesus, and I want my kids to share that fascination. The gospel as I see it is not a set of spiritual laws. It’s not a decision you make or a prayer you recite. It’s something we share when telling our story and nurture our kids’ spiritual curiosity.

The gospel cannot be found in fighting culture wars or excluding people or maintaining power for the privileged few. The gospel is about repairing what’s broken, caring for those in need, and welcome everyone to the table. It’s the story of God rescuing his good world, bringing heaven to earth, making all things new.

My journey

I grew up on the edge of Christian fundamentalism, where faith was about doctrinal checklists and rigid conformity. I became serious about my faith while a student at Taylor University. Then I went on to study theology Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. For a time, I identified with the “young, restless, reformed” crowd, but my journey has taken me in other and sometimes surprising directions.

My work

In 2015, I joined Preemptive Love Coalition. We help refugees and survivors of war rebuild their lives—not through handouts, but through relationship. We’re also out to change the way people view “the other” in their own communities.

In 2012, I helped start an ecumenical movement called Election Day Communion. Around 900 churches from more than 20 denominations voted together to reject the toxic, polarizing atmosphere of American politics by sharing communion on election night.

In 2005, I created a bestselling book called The Story, a 400-page abridgment of the Bible, presented like a novel. I also contributed to a 365-day devotional called Fascinating People of the Bible, looking at some of the famous (and lesser known) characters from the scriptures.

Thanks for reading!