About me


I’m a husband, father, writer, and communications director for Preemptive Love Coalition.

I’m the author of a children’s book called The Story of King Jesus (David C Cook, 2015) presenting the whole gospel—that is, the story of God making the world right and good again—in one sitting for kids ages 4 to 8. I wrote it because I want to nurture a vibrant, life-giving faith in our kids.


I’m fascinated by Jesus, and I want my kids to share that fascination. I believe the gospel is more than a set of spiritual laws. It’s more than a decision you make or a prayer you recite. It’s something we share by telling our story and by nurturing our kids’ spiritual curiosity.

To me, the gospel isn’t about fighting a culture war or maintaining power for a privileged few. The gospel is about repairing what’s broken, caring for those in need, and welcome everyone to the table. It’s the story of God rescuing his good world, bringing heaven to earth, making all things new.

My journey

I grew up in the borderlands between evangelicalism and fundamentalism. I got serious about my faith while a student at Taylor University. I went on to study theology Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. For a time, I identified with the “young, restless, and reformed” crowd, but my journey has since taken me in other and sometimes surprising directions. While living in the UK, my wife and I stumbled into the Anglican tradition, and we’ve been captivated by the liturgy ever since.

I’ve shared parts of my journey on this blog, including my journey in and out of Calvinism, how I came to embrace gender equality, and my past involvement in the culture wars.

Other stuff I’ve done

In 2012, I helped launch an ecumenical movement called Election Day Communion. Around 900 churches from more than 20 denominations voted together to subvert the toxic, polarizing atmosphere of American politics by sharing communion on election night.

In 2005, I created a bestselling book called The Story, a 400-page abridgment of the Bible, presented like a novel. I also contributed to a 365-day devotional called Fascinating People of the Bible, looking at some of the famous (and lesser known) characters from the scriptures.

Thanks for reading!