What an atheist’s crucifix taught my child about faith

8 thoughts on “What an atheist’s crucifix taught my child about faith”

  1. Reblogged this on Garden Oasis and commented:
    “What have you learned about your faith from surprising sources? ”
    God indeed is the author of all wisdom, He can use every means of anything the world is to offer to say something to us, for us to reflect and digest the very message God is teaching to us by mere reflecting to the things that are already in front of us.
    I agree to the author of this blog, When we stop viewing those who are different from us—whether it’s in their orientation or their beliefs—as enemies, we might just find they have something to teach us.”
    and that learning will brought us to a more wise and God-obeying citizen. Let us also start learning from the things around us, we will never know how God can surprise us.


  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever really been surprised to come to a deeper understanding of faith from a particular source.

    If we are ALL created in the image of God, then it’s possible to see glimpses of God in everyone. And by extension, human creativity is a reflection of the creativity of the Creator, so it’s possible to see God whenever someone creates something and exercises that trait which is so very like God. Further, understanding a person’s art is a window to their mind similar to how understanding all of creation is a window into the mind of God.


  3. In all sincerity Ben, your spreading of lies about me “pandering to Western Michigan” are offensive and certainly not in the spirit of the scripture your entire article is about. You should do your homework and read more than just headlines. Whether you like, respect or even have the ability to see beyond your own limitations is your problem, but as a writer, maybe you should dig deeper for Truth. Maybe you should consult your daughter. She seems blessed with a Grace you are not expressing.

    And btw, I own the copyrights to that image you so unconsciously appropriated for your article. Just in case you are unaware, that is illegal. Gospel is not the only law you should follow.


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