When I think about my sponsored child in Gaza…

10 thoughts on “When I think about my sponsored child in Gaza…”

  1. Thanks so much for using my cartoon Ben. What a heartbreaking story. I so hope Bahaaldin is okay. My wife and I sponsor a child in Ethiopia. My heart won’t rest until I hear your child is safe.


    1. Thank you for sharing it. I thought it summed up the current situation better than just about anything else I’ve seen. WV contacts sponsors as soon as possible when something happens to their kids, so this is a case where no news is (hopefully) good news. Well, as good as it can get in Gaza these days…


  2. Children like him are what ceasefires are supposed to be for. For them to get to safety, real safety. For that, militants and professional commanders must both leave those safety zones far from their operations.


  3. Great post. Couldn’t agree more and praying he is not physically harmed. They psychological damage I pray Jesus will heal in time, and that he will be moved by the compassion he has received and not be defined by the hatred and violence around him. .


  4. “We see kids being killed, and somehow our first impulse is to start a political or theological argument. If that’s not screwed up, I don’t know what is.” – YES! Absolutely agree! And when we hear about these children and their families being killed and we remain silent – so as to avoid confrontation, we continue to allow this violence to be justified. We must speak out: “This must stop, NOW!” as you say.

    Thank you for sharing this, Ben. And what an incredibly difficult time for you and your wife to not know about Bahaaldin and his family. I’ll be praying for Bahaaldin, along with all of the other children and families affected in Gaza.


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