You’ll always need another scapegoat

3 thoughts on “You’ll always need another scapegoat”

  1. Ben, a great example of not letting the facts get in the way of a good story! You have attempted to portray Israel as the powerful aggressor against poor little Hamas/Gaza. You used word such as ‘homemade’ and ‘rudimentary’ to describe Hamas’ weapons. Sure that might describe some of their weapons but certainly not all.
    FACT: Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards help smuggle weapons into Gaza from countries including Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Sudan.
    FACT: It is being reported that Hamas are in negotiations with North Korea for the provision of weapons and communications gear. (They are wanting to replenish their stocks of rockets having fired off so many in the past weeks.)
    FACT: Alot of the tunnel network the Israelis have been targeting has been built to facilitate the smuggling in of said weapons.
    It is a shame you either didn’t bother to do some homework before writing or you wilfully ignored the facts when you wrote this.


    1. Maybe you should try reading my post. Nowhere do I suggest any sympathy for Hamas. (The people of Gaza, the vast majority of whom are NOT affiliated with Hamas, are another matter. I will gladly sympathize with them any day.)

      I condemned Hamas. I condemned their violence and their murderous aims. But try as you might to ignore the facts, Israel is the more powerful aggressor in this conflict. They get billions in military assistance from the US every year. They have one of the largest and best equipped militaries in the world. All one has to do to see where the balance of power lies is compare the death toll in Gaza and Israel.

      But the point of my post, which you seem to have missed, is that even one death on either side is one too many.


      1. I didn’t intend to imply that you did suggest sympathy for Hamas – sorry if it read that way. Yes, I also have much sympathy for the innocent people of Gaza. Hamas is deliberately using them as human shields and cannon fodder, by locating their command facilities and weaponry in and around hospitals and schools. Hamas rockets have been found stored in UN schools at least twice!


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