We need feminism because my daughter thinks most TV shows are for boys

11 thoughts on “We need feminism because my daughter thinks most TV shows are for boys”

  1. My two daughters (age 14 and 11) love watching shows like Mythbusters, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc… Definitely not “girlie” shows… they like princess movies, too… but they REALLY enjoyed “Brave”… and the “twist” in Maleficent was very much appreciated by both kids… and “How to Train Your Dragon 2” got empathy from my youngest daughter when Hiccup’s father… well… spoilers…

    Now… I’d LOVE to see some of those shows have “stronger” female leads… but Captain Janeway is my daughter’s favorite captain.. And when the Matt Smith seasons started of Doctor Who and he originally, on regeneration said, “I’m a girl!” all four of us said, “Wouldn’t that be cool?”

    So… yeah, we need feminism… so that my daughters aren’t “abnormal” but are considered young women with their own tastes and preferences…


  2. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Brave… sounds to me like you’re raising your kids to have good taste! Amen to the need for stronger female leads…and the freedom for girls to like what they want to like.


  3. Hi there,

    I’m wondering if you can defend from the Bible how the patriarchy is not natural? Here is one link I recommend you read. Most will need to be read in context, but it sufficiently shows how the Bible holds to Biblical patriarchy. Feminism today whereby genders and their roles are warped so much so that there is no individual purpose assigned to these roles (something of which the Bible clearly describes, for example in Eph 5 https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians+5) is an invention of the world and is not natural. It undermines God’s plans for each gender and ultimately the image that He wishes to portray using men and women (specifically married men and women) which is that of Christ and the Church. Feminism as the world describes is dangerous and leads women to rebel against God’s intended design for creation.


      1. So… wait… you post that you have link for topics about the role of men… and all I find are verses taken out of context of the larger passage to support via proof-texting something you have already determined in your mind to be right and NOTHING about the role of men… especially the part where men submit to their wives, love their wives, sacrifice for their wives, etc… or how Ephesians 5 starts out it’s discussion with “submit to each other”…

        Um… sorry… just can’t follow it, Sarah.


  4. Phineas and Pherb is a great show. Its two lead characters are strong, intelligent, curious, and adventurous young boys. Shows like this are what this generation of lost boys need. Most of what I see on TV is not only pro female, but quite misandric. The Simpsons, is a prime example. The show portrays the husband as a lazy dimwit, the son as an academic failure and juvenile delinquent, and the male neighbor as a wimp, while the wife and daughter are portrayed as smart and flawless. I could go on and on with just that show alone(The bartender, mayor, clown, town drunk, plant boss). Author, Proud Family, Powerpuff Girls are also good examples.


  5. Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the power of the media over our children’s sweet and delicate minds. We were rebel, hippy homeschoolers and my kids were taught to think for themselves – almost no media until they were 13. But guess what? Once they started watching TV at 13, it was clear they were hooked on pop culture. As teenagers, the brainwashing was even worse. They believed everything they saw and read on the internet. Nothing I said was much worth believing unless some male on media backed it up. Take your lives and families back. Turn the damn thing off.


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