If you think “standing with Israel” means never criticizing them, you’re going to have to get a new Bible

23 thoughts on “If you think “standing with Israel” means never criticizing them, you’re going to have to get a new Bible”

  1. Excellent piece! At one time they were God’s chosen people, but, as you so eloquently stated, they fell out of grace many times. They were chastised and warned by the prophets to return to God. He gave them so many chances to repent. “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.” Luke 13:34


    1. None of what you said validates the idea that they are not the chosen people of God anymore. Look at all the prophecies in the Old Testament and in Revelation that affirm Israel will be prosperous in the Last Days, that their enemies will be subdued, and that they will come to recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah- Joel 3:2, Zechariah 12, Joel 3, Revelation 7:4…sorry brother, but this notion that God has taken His hand off of Israel infuriates God and it infuriates me. Be blessed. 🙂 🙂


      1. Paul SP you are cherry picking – either the Bible is right or wrong – surely! If your god is one who only looks after the favored few – then I pity you, because you may not be one of them.


      2. Nice to know that you and God are so in sinc. (and that you have such a good direct line to the almighty, that you get info that nobody else gets)
        So, please tell me, does God no longer care about injustice, or any of that Mathew25 stuff anymore?


      3. Richard, it’s odd that you would say I’m cherry picking, yet you yourself provided no refutation to my points with Scripture. I showed you in Scripture where God said that He never broke His covenant with Israel, despite Israel leaving him for other gods. “If your god is one who only looks after the favored few – then I pity you, because you may not be one of them.” Well actually there are only few who find the narrow way according to the words of Jesus Christ. I myself got saved in 2010, and have been a follower of Christ ever since. But when Christ came and died and rose again, the new covenant was established and made a way of salvation through Jesus for the Gentiles and not just the Jews.


      4. @David- Lol….this information is all in the Bible. You would get that information if you just took the time to go through it. Israel has been judged many times by God, yes, they’e definitely not exempt from it. The issue though is whether or not God has disowned them or broken his covenant with them that He made at the beginning with Abraham in Genesis, which He has not.


  2. “The best way to truly stand with Israel is to follow the prophets’ example, to lovingly but firmly confront evil and injustice, whoever the perpetrators might be.” Yes! Thank you, Ben, for speaking out about this. It has made me sick to see how the press has flared up about one particular side – and yet has said very little about the injustice and violence that is being inflicted on our Palestinian brothers and sisters, who are also beloved children of God. I was in Israel/Palestine a few years ago and was shocked to see first-hand how horrible the situation is for Palestinians both in the West Bank and in the state of Israel (and how much our own media and religious groups somehow distort the facts.) I know speaking out on this front can be difficult, as it often leads to a lot of backlash. So thank you for following the prophets and in raising your voice against injustice.

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  3. All those people who criticized Israel were Israelites. See I don’t think We have any business telling any other nations how to run their County, Israel or Muslim. That’s why I don’t support Neo-Con foreign Policy.


    1. Reply to Jared…however, we don’t have any business (particularly as Christians) watching a people suffer oppression, brutality and injustice without doing something about it. Brings us back to ‘who is my neighbour?’

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    2. Jared, I don’t suppose you will read this because I have replied so long after your post but here goes … if what you are saying has any credence then the USA cannot criticize any other country, Israel certainly cannot criticize Iran and should mind it’s own business when it comes to Syria, Lebanon, Egypt etc. In fact we should have ignored what Hitler was doing in Europe in 1945 and definitely should not have interfered in Palestine by creating the State of Israel … which is why we are arguing now I guess.

      There is a difference between not ‘telling other nations how to run their country’ and blindly accepting genocide because it might upset the balance of trade figures or, worse still, the chances of being funded when standing for congress …

      The problem is that while global communications in biblical times was non-existent it now informs our every move – much of the world’s problems can be traced to the Middle East where the long-standing oppression by Israel of the Palestinian people and our failure to prevent it or stop it has undermined trust of the West … and rightly so.

      So you live in your bubble if you want to … most of us cannot!


  4. So, Christian Conservatives, who are suppose espouse the Christian virtues of justice and righteousness sides with the strong and powerful military, the well connected Public Relations machine of Israel against the weak, the dispossessed who is beaten down every time for daring to raise their hand in protest of their theft and destruction of their homes, land and resources. Whatever happened to the biblical text that rings so true, “the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy?” It is fascinating to witness the extent to which strong support for Israel is the litmus test for conservative Christian voters. I charge these Conservative Christians standing guilty of idolatry of the worst kind, [one that had demanded spilling of blood of both guilty and innocent] It is akin to have chosen Barrabas over meek and humble Jesus, – it is akin to have chosen Barrabas over the ‘Good Samaritan’. Evangelical support of Israel stems from the eschatalogical-religious idea that as a prelude to the second coming of Jesus, at which time Jews will be judged (massacred) is an oxymoron. Think of it, “they just want to help Israel because they think it will hasten the coming of Jesus, Battle of Armaggedon,the Rapture, and the conversion of a remnant of Jews and death of two third of the Jews in Israel,” get over it. Yes my friends, the current political and highly secular State of Israel is a real estate deal made with the Devil.


  5. GREAT ARTICLE! I hope and pray that there will be peace in the Middle East for all. What is happening over there is a cover up for greed and crimes against humanity and it must be exposed for what it is. TY


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