Nurturing your kids’ faith when you haven’t figured out your own yet

8 thoughts on “Nurturing your kids’ faith when you haven’t figured out your own yet”

  1. I really enjoyed your article Ben. It’s obvious that you are a conscientious parent and your children are very fortunate.

    My father was an Atheist/Agnostic when I was born. His big hang up was ‘where did God come from?’ No one could ever answer that question for him, therefore, he was unable to believe. When I was a toddler he decided to delve into the Bible and really analyze it (btw my father is a genius). He spent years doing research, and read and cross referenced the Bible daily, and came to the concrete conclusion that the Bible is, without any doubt, the inspired word of God.

    Did his question: Where did God come from ever get answered? No! But he didn’t need that question answered to be 100% convinced that the Bible is the word of God. He analyzed Bible prophecy and would mathematically correlate events down to our day. He created elaborate Biblical charts and would mesmerize my sister and me with his Biblical knowledge. By the time we were young children (under the age of 10) we too were convinced of our belief in God. I will be forever grateful to him for that.

    The two biggest problems Christians face today are: (1.) Knowing enough about the Bible to convince their children and even themselves that the Bible really is the inspired word of God (it requires a lot of research and effort) and: (2.) Taking the time in this busy world to teach and instill moral values in their children based on Bible principals, and setting good examples themselves. Most people become so bogged down with trying to financially survive in every day life, that they become too tired, or feel they don’t have the time, but, their children are their greatest assets, and to ignore their spiritual needs would be their biggest mistake.

    You are one of those rare people Ben who take the time to care. You are and will be an excellent parent. Congratulations on your soon to be son:)


  2. Wonderful post. I’m having the same problem with my faith. I come from a Muslim background, and married a Jewish man. So I’m trying to figure things out while raising three kids.

    I wish you the best of luck.


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