Slavery and the folly of biblical literalism

9 thoughts on “Slavery and the folly of biblical literalism”

  1. incredible post, man. just discovered your blog and I don’t know that we agree on completely everything yet but you make some very convincing points. This may be my favorite one of your posts so far. Can you recommend any other books or resources on the subject in addition to The Bible Made Impossible? Thank you for engaging in a dialogue with people!


    1. Thanks Ryan. Glad you found the blog! In addition to The Bible Made Impossible, you might want to consider Peter Enns’ book Inspiration and Incarnation. For a somewhat more conservative evangelical perspective, I’d suggest William Webb’s Slaves, Women, and Homosexuals. I don’t personally agree with all his conclusions, but I found his book to be tremendously helpful and thought-provoking. Thanks for being part of the conversation!


      1. This is still incredible, one of my favorite things that you’ve written. It’s hard to believe the person who left that comment 10 months ago was me. I laugh because I remember saying “we don’t agree on everything yet” as a way to leave an honest comment while still not giving anyone the impression I was considering these “heterodox” views (I was just coming around on the issue of equality and inclusion of women but the gay issue was where I found a great disconnect between us).

        thank you for your words, they have helped soften my hard heart. may we both continue being drawn along even further in this path.


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