Doug Wilson and the Neo-Reformed

8 thoughts on “Doug Wilson and the Neo-Reformed”

  1. “….slavery was basically a dumb idea?”

    “dumb idea” is putting it mildly… way too mildly imo. Other than that, great post!


    1. LT, I have read Doug Wilson. I read Southern Slavery As It Was in its entirety before commenting on it. And I never suggested he endorses racially-based slavery. However, he does defend the institution of slavery in general, and that is shameful enough. Plus, there’s no getting around the fact that Southern slavery, which he singles out for particular defense, was racially-based.

      Beyond that, no… I don’t feel the need to engage with someone who uses a stunningly selective reading of history to misrepresent Southern slavery as a generally benign institution. People like Wilson don’t deserve to be taken seriously — apart from the danger they pose to others, that is.


  2. Have you, by chance, kept up with the dialogue between Thabiti Anyabwile and Douglas Wilson over at the Gospel Coalition? Any thoughts or comments on that exchange?


    1. Hi Rick, I’ve seen a bit of the exchange, but I haven’t followed it that closely. From what I did read, I was grateful to Anyabwile for some of the points he raised but felt he could’ve gone further in his critique. I believe Wilson is guilty of gross historical mispresentation.

      But as I said, I only saw part of the exchange. I was glad to see someone affiliated with the Gospel Coalition challenging Wilson, even if it was (from the bit that I saw) a pretty soft challenge.


      1. Thanks for the response. Also, I apologize for necroing an old post. I came from Anthony Bradley’s twitter, and assumed the post was new without checking the date.


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