Joel C. Rosenberg steps up to the mic…

6 thoughts on “Joel C. Rosenberg steps up to the mic…”

  1. Love this – “stop treating the Bible like a horoscope.”

    You are absolutely right. We are in the completely ethnocentric habit of believing that every Bible passage is directed, first and foremost, to our 21st century American culture. Thus, we rip it out of its original context and lose all of its vastly superior original meaning.


  2. I think a word study on ‘skubala’ would be in order. These modern-day ‘profits’ are just full of it. If God called anyone to truly fill the office of prophet, they should be scared to death since they were often called to physically embody the message. A dead wife, going without clothes, denial of Promised Land, those are pretty tough. I don’t see that kind of stuff among modern-day profits.


    1. Good observation that many of today’s would-be prophets want all the glory of the office and none of the hardships. Roger Olson made a similar point in his response to John Piper’s comments about tornados. If you’re going to have the audacity to attribute specific disasters to God’s judgment, then have the courage to do what the prophets of old did — and stand up in the middle of the devastation and proclaim it to the victims. Don’t just say it from the safety of an office chair thousands of miles away.


  3. I do not agree with what this “prophesy junkie” said. But a reading of the whole bible would surely indicate that God works in supernatural ways, brings judgement and uses evil to produce good in a nations or persons life – is that blaming God?

    Speaking of narcissists… “But instead of blaming God, maybe we should look a bit closer to home. Climatologists have been telling us for years that global warming will cause natural disasters to increase in frequency and severity. Maybe it’s time we listened. Maybe it’s time we started taking better care of the planet.”

    You actually believe by us taking better care of the environment we will stop natural disasters – it seems to me there is only one person who has that kind of power! I think we need to take care how we speak about other narcissists. And I do think we should take better care of our environment by the way, but not because it’s going to be our salvation. That has been taken care of.



    1. Hi Randy, I’m not denying God’s ability to work in supernatural ways, judge evil, etc. But that doesn’t mean we should look for the finger of God in every disaster, much less presume the ability to “interpret” them.

      I don’t believe taking care of the planet will stop natural disasters. Didn’t say anything of the sort. But the climate change’s role in intensifying the frequency and severity of such disasters is scientific fact. While being careful not to blame any particular disaster on climate change (b/c disasters are going to happen either way), we should accept that our actions can have serious consequences.


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