50 million abortions later, the question we still aren’t asking…

4 thoughts on “50 million abortions later, the question we still aren’t asking…”

  1. Great post, Ben. Sadly, the debate over abortion has been reduced to a series of black-and-white, mindless, emotionally charged buzzwords that are used to stigmatize the “other side” and preclude any meaningful discussion of nuances (and yes, there are many). It’s human nature to take this approach to tough, complex issues, but we do ourselves a major disservice when we oversimplify a topic as serious as abortion. And the “pro-life” camp undermines its credibility with someone like myself (who has long wrestled with this issue) when they invest more time demonizing those who disagree than they do asking the critical questions you outline in this post.


    1. Thanks Peter! I would add that a consistent pro-life ethic demands we also take another look at issues from capital punishment to foreign policy…not just abortion. Love your blog, btw.


  2. I’ve always been troubled by the fact that we like to clothe ourselves in the “pro-life” label without giving any regards to what this means in the issues beyond abortion, or with regards to what you’ve addressed here. If the pregnancy was terminated voluntarily for ANY reason – what was the potential alternative situation, and what can we do to help with the many problems that could arise from someone *not* choosing abortion as well.


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