Shock-jock pastor meets the full (but not so manly) might of the British Empire

16 thoughts on “Shock-jock pastor meets the full (but not so manly) might of the British Empire”

  1. Ben, nice improvement on the picture! Great analysis. There were lots of things I wanted to discuss in more detail, but my blog post got so long with just the interview transcript. Thanks for picking up the slack!


    1. Thanks! I couldn’t help myself. I thought you had some good observations in your post as well. Perusing your blog a bit further, I’m realizing there’s much more to it than an awesome name. Really appreciate what you have to say and how you say it.


  2. Ben: “I’m not sure who Driscoll’s trying harder to insult: egalitarians (who worship an effeminate teddy bear, apparently) or every mom on the planet (all of whom are incapable of protecting, defending, and disciplining their children, apparently).”

    Good post, altogether. But the above is my favorite.
    As a mom, I get so tired of men pushing this doctrine and trying to crunch women down into a box of what they think/want biblical womanhood to be, then insult women for what that box entails.
    Driscoll’s attitudes on women and womanhood are insulting and inaccurate.
    God help anyone who hurts any mother’s child in her presence. They will see, first hand, how well a mother can protect and defend.


  3. “Smiling is for women” . . . and a smugly disinterested sneer is the proper facial expression for men? No matter your theological positions on these issues, Driscoll’s antagonistic, abrasive manner is unacceptable.


  4. That John Stott died at 90 having never married might also have been considered a count against him by the metric of Markulinity.

    What’s most puzzling as a former member who heard his 2005 atonement series indebted to Stott’s work, Driscoll used to say there was no one way to understand the fullness of the atonement and that all the theories of atonement had something valuable to contribute. So “now” PSA must be the primary lens through which to understand the atonement? An Eastern Orthodox friend of mine told me last year that even in Eastern Orthodoxy penal substitutionary atonement is a given, but it’s not given the same emphasis it has received in Western Christian thought. I may be a Calvinist but emphasizing PSA at the expense of christus exemplar is crazy and it’s even crazier knowing that Mark preached on christus exemplar years ago. It was one of his better sermons. When Mark lays aside his fear of liberal/feminine theology cooties he can do some good preaching.

    If Driscoll conflates a difference in emphasis for an absence then someone could ask him why, in fifteen years, he’s never done much with sermons on biblical poems that didn’t involve sex. 11 weeks on Song of Songs, one or two sermons on the Magnificat. No sermons on Psalm 139.


  5. Mark is screaming because the whole thing is “to stoke the fires of controversy, thereby increasing readership, which generates advertising revenue…(blah blah blah)”.

    Wait. Why does this formula look so familiar? (thinking……) (controversy = increased traffic = revenue) (Oh yeah!) It’s because it looks exactly like every ____ thing Mark has ever done.

    Whew. I’m glad Mark has a grip on exactly what’s happening here.


  6. A brilliant blog entry, Ben, from the hilarious opening image to the thorough scrutiny you give to Driscoll’s incoherent over-reactions.

    In particular, note the desperate stupidity of Driscoll’s argument, while he grilled Justin Brierley:

    1. Women should not be in charge.
    2. To prove this, I will ask Justin a series of questions about his church (asks the questions, none of them show that his wife is doing a bad job)
    3. Yea, but, you’ve got a woman in charge!

    Driscoll has done some good work, but he’s also a bully. As a result, I no longer trust him and cannot listen to his sermons without an acutely skeptical ear. Plenty of other theologians out there who don’t carry that kind of baggage.


  7. All I can say is that my intuition tells me not to trust this man. There is a certain satanic influence about him, no matter how good he can preach or how popular he is.


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