Sweet Jesus

2 thoughts on “Sweet Jesus”

  1. This is great:
    “Aren’t Christians called to be people who bring healing, not inflict injury?”

    Yet I struggle with this, and its flip side, every day. Not onyl do I inflict pain at times, but also when someone inflicts injury onto me, I have a hard time following the calling to respond with love and forgiveness. And that’s hard. Both of these things are hard.

    That being said, my new mantra is this:
    ‘To bring healing, not injury.
    When injured, to heal.’


  2. Sometimes it really amazes me to see what little sense of humor many Christians have. I mean, a Jesus made of chocolate? C’mon! That’s actually pretty funny.

    I was trying to imagine what Jesus would do if he were faced with this situation. I’m sure he would be upset and talk about false idols. Maybe even make sure it was taken down. But I think he and his disciples would have a good laugh about it.

    The only certainty we have in this life is the state of our own souls. For Christians, our souls should be joyful and should exude that joy. It is only a bitter soul that could exude such bitterness.


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